Restaurant Quality Chinese Beef w/Broccoli

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Chinese food.  Well, “American” Chinese food.  If I had to eat actual Chinese food in China I would probably live off of pudding cups like Charlotte did in the Sex and the City movie.  Minus the sharting.  I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food.  So the Chinese that we are all used to is one of my favs!

My first job was actually working at a Chinese Restaurant doing the carryout.  It was my family’s favorite place to grab good Chinese and we knew the owners.  I was about 14 years old and my mom and I walked in to pick up some food.  She asks the owner…”are you hiring right now?” And I looked at her and said…”um why do you suddenly have an urge to work here?”  And she snapped back, “NO A JOB FOR YOU!” I was like, “omg this isn’t happening.  What the hell am I gonna do here?!?! Cut the head of the chicken in the back?”    Anyways, she told my mom they were not hiring and I let out a sigh of relief.  I didn’t want to work at all let alone at a Chinese restaurant.  At the time a tanning salon or something would’ve been more ideal.  (Dumb, dumb.)  However a couple weeks later the owner of the restaurant called my mom and said their carryout girl just quit and they would just “love for Angela to come work with us!”  Pfffffff. I was so mad.  Needless to say my mother sent me off because you know that was the age I was giving her a hard time and it would be “good for me”.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 5-9pm making $6.15 an hour I was working in the kitchen putting orders together.  And you know what?  It ended up being the BEST JOB EVER!  It was a blast!  There were kids my age who worked in the kitchen from a close HS nearby washing dishes and waiting tables.  We all hit it off well.  The place was super clean and the food was amazing.  Plus I would occasionally play kissy face with one of the dishwasher boys in the supply room.  Looks like your plan backfired a little bit huh mom?” Hahahahahaha.

So, whenever I see people or chefs saying…”make your own chinese at home” and “why buy it when you can make it yourself sooooo much better in just 15 minutes?”  Well this just burns my ass.  Why would I want to make my own Chinese food?  One of the MAIN reasons I would get Chinese is because I don’t feel like cooking.  So why would I make it?  You know it’s not going to taste the same.  Not even close!  But it’s “better for you.”  Yes I know.  I will eat a salad if I want “better for you.”  Give me some dang almond boneless chicken, with an egg roll and some white rice.  And a side of MSG.  THANKS!

Well the Chinese food in Nashville sucks.   I mean it just SUCKS.  It’s the worst.  Really it is.  There is one decent place about 20 minutes from me.  So it’s not close enough to get a carryout.  I’ve tried making my own fried rice.  It’s good.  But it’s not the same.  BUT…………………………………the other day I found a recipe on Pinterest for beef with broccoli and it sparked my attention.  It sounded good.  Really good.  So I thought hmmmm okay since I love Chinese and I can’t get anything decent around here, let’s try this.

OMG GUYS!  It was amazing.  Like authentic, restaurant quality “better for you”  deliciousness.  Better than a restaurant.  It was THAT GOOD.  I didn’t even take pics or anything because I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worthy of sharing.  But ohhhhhhhh it was sooooooo good.  So i’m just posting the recipe below and telling you to make it.  Because it will knock your socks off.  If you like beef and broccoli that is.

****So here’s the deal.  This recipe calls for flank steak.  I like flank steak but I find it to ALWAYS BE TOUGH.  It’s just a tough meat.  It’s not tenderloin that’s for sure.  But it’s cheap.  So what do you get for cheap?  You get tough.  It’s very lean though.  So here is my suggestion.  If you can splurge a little bit, use a better cut of beef.  I won’t use flank steak again for this recipe despite the fact that this dish was still amazing.  The steak was tough.  So use something better.  Unless you want tough.**** 

I also added some sesame seeds and green onion. It makes plenty of sauce to pour over rice.  Enjoy!!!!




1 tbsp olive oil
1 lb flank steak, trimmed of fat and sliced very thin against the grain
½ cup low sodium soy sauce
2 tbsp cornstarch
3 cloves garlic, minced
3 tbsp sherry
3 tbsp honey
1 tsp fresh ginger, minced
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 pinch red pepper flakes
1 tbsp Sriracha sauce, or to taste
½ cup beef broth (or chicken broth)
1 head broccoli, cut into small florets

In a medium bowl, whisk together the soy sauce, cornstarch, garlic, sherry, honey, ginger, sesame oil, red pepper flakes, Sriracha sauce and beef broth. Set aside until ready to use.
Heat the olive oil in a large skillet and cook the steak until it starts to brown, about 4 to 5 minutes. Add sauce and stir in with the steak, it should start to thicken immediately. Add broccoli and cook for an additional 2 minutes until broccoli is tender and sauce is thickened.
Serve over rice or noodles.

Nutrition information does not include rice or noodles.
nutrition information
Calories: 430 Fat: 20.1g Saturated fat: 5.4g Unsaturated fat: 0.0g Trans fat: 0.0g Carbohydrates: 23.7g Sugar: 14.4g Sodium: 1238mg Fiber: 1.6g Protein: 35.3g Cholesterol: 62mg

Here is the link too.

Easy Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry


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