(Mother’s Day Part II) Pink Lemonade Champagne Punch


Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete with out a little bubbly right?  Especially if you are a part of my family.  We buy it by the case!  This “Pink Lemonade Champagne Punch” is a perfect Spring or Summer drink.  It seriously takes 5 minutes to put together and it is DE-LISH!  All you need is some frozen pink lemonade concentrate, a bottle of cheap dry champagne, club soda, ice and fruit.  I adapted this recipe from Sandra Lee, however her version was way, way WAY too sweet.  So I changed it up a bit and made it fabulous.  Cuz that’s what I do!

Add 2 cans of thawed Frozen Pink Lemonade Concentrate to a large pitcher.  Add 1 bottle of dry champagne and 3 cups of club soda.  Stir well to combine.  If it tastes to sweet to you, add club soda 1/2 cup at a time until.  Don’t add too much, I like to add a couple scoopfuls of ice and that will water it down a little too.  Then top with some sliced fruit and your good-to-go! 
And always add some sweet treats and pretty flowers next to your libations. Fancy eh?  These sugar cookies from A Frosted Affair in Nashville will BLOW YOUR MIND.  
Mom will thank you.  Enjoy!


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