Easter Brunch”Mock” Bellini’s.

Looking for something delicious and quick to serve with your Easter brunch?  Sick of mimosa’s?  Try THESE!  I was at a party a few years ago and I saw someone do this and I thought…”hmmm…that’s genius.  Why didn’t I think of that?”

Anyone who know’s me knows that I LOVE a good glass champagne (or 2, or 3).  It’s one of my most favorite adult beverages on the planet.  It must be dry.  It must be ice cold.  And it must be fresh!  Don’t try to give me a glass with a few bubbles.  I want to be sneezing when I hold it up to my face! Anything that has champagne added to it is delicious!  Especially Bellini’s.  Mmm mmm mm.  If you don’t feel like meddling your own fruit or are pressed for time… well then, I have the answer! It’s a Mock Bellini!  Who will know?  No one!  Will it taste just as good?  Hell yes it will!  When I finished taking these photos I drank two of them.  Delicious.

Wanna know a little secret?  I use cheaper champagne for Mimosa’s and Bellini’s.  I just used the Veuve Clicquot because it looked better in the photo!  Use a cheaper champagne when you are mixing something!  Its not worth using the good stuff for something like this.  Classic Domaine Chandon Brut is one of my favorite ones for mixing.  Korbel Brut is great too.  I’m not a sweet champagne girl.

So what’s the secret you ask?  Sorbet.  That’s it.  Your Bellini will taste like a Bellini.  Not Champagne with Sorbet in it.  Go on ahead, give it a try.  Spread the champagne love this Easter.  You’ll thank me later.

I used Raspberry Sorbet for this.  It’s perfect.  Go get you some.  Then scoop a little into a champagne glass.  
Pour on the bubbly!  Then give it a good stir with a  spoon.  
Add some fresh raspberries on top!  
Enjoy!  You have the 60 second Bellini.  

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