Easter Dessert & Wine Bar

“A party with out cake is just a meeting!” Wise words from Ms. Julia Child.  Easter is officially less than a week away guys! Do you know what one of my favorite things about the holiday is?  The CANDY and dessert!  It taunts me every time I go into Kroger’s or a drugstore.  Specifically those Cadbury eggs.  The devil.  I seriously raid the boys Easter baskets when they are not looking.  Not to mention I put candy in there I purposely like.  Ohhhh and carrot cake.  J. Alexanders has by far the best carrot cake everrrrrrrr.  If you haven’t tried it…do it!

Any hoo, I always have a dessert table when I host.  I’m a dessert lover by nature.  It’s in my blood.  My family has been shoving cannoli’s down my throat since I was able to chew.  I wish they had to force me now.  Unfortunately I have no problem doing it myself.

So, the dessert table…I like to make things as easy as possible.  Having everything out and ready really saves you time!  Making things self accessible helps to make things stress-free the day of!  Have wine out and chilled with glasses for your guests to grab.  And always, always have desserts already made (or bought.)  Don’t be whipping out the fire torch and doing a creme brûlée at the last minute.  I mean, if you don’t mind having your guests wait a little bit than by all means, fire away!  However I always go the ready-made route.

All of the items below were bought at Target, Hobby Lobby or Homegoods.  (Except for the wicker bunny and candle-Pier 1)  Beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive!!  I have the most aaaaahmazing Homegoods by me and I get TONS of stuff from there.  Sure, we’d all love to decorate a whole table from Pottery Barn but sometimes it’s not realistic.  Find some staple pieces that you can use all the time and mix and match with other things.


Floral is so important.  It adds something beautiful to even the most dull.  I love playing around with different arrangements.  If you don’t care about keeping an arrangement around for a long time then just go the cheapie route- buy the ones on sale!  That won’t last as long but for a 1 or 2 day thing they will do the trick.  ALWAYS add cold water and flower food.

Bright colors will really make your table pop!


Add accents such as candles, figurines etc, to dress it up a bit.  I like to have candies, flowers, wine.  Whatever it takes to make it look festive!  And yummy desserts of course.
….and cracked Macaroons courtesy of my son.  Eeeeeeek.



Shop the Look:

Glass Wine Bucket:  Target $14.99
Shiny Pink Cake Stand:  Homegoods $6.99


Egg Shaped Bowl:  Target $7.99
Bunny Cake Stand:  Hobby Lobby $9.99

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