Easy & Elegant Easter Tablescape

Spring has (almost) sprung here in Nashville!  Hallelujah!  I don’t know about you but I am so ready for some warm weather and sunshine.  January and February are just awful to me. I’m depressed because the holidays are over, it’s bitter cold (apparently I didn’t move far enough South) and it’s just dreary.  March is finally here and things are looking up!  The Easter Bunny is coming early this year…March 27th is Easter Sunday.  I have family coming in town for a long weekend and wanted to get a head start on a beautiful tablescape to share with all of you since I will be hosting a small get together at my home!

I LOVE, LOVE setting a beautiful table.  It’s my thing.  I put a lot of time and thought into how I want it to look and where I want to go with it.  I have an amazing square dining room table that seats 12.  Well, I have a love/hate relationship with it actually.  It’s awesome in the sense that everyone can see each other and converse easily.  That was my goal when we picked it.  However it’s extremely difficult to decorate for some reason.  The square aspect makes it tough because the table is SO big you have to put something huge in the middle to fill it up which can be challening.  It’s also IMPOSSIBLE to find a tablecloth.

Anyways…I really enjoy tablescapes.  You don’t have to go crazy to make it beautiful.  I have found that just adding flowers, candles and some pretty cloth napkins  with a ring really does the trick.  Everything below was found at Pier 1 and is all 20% off right now (I have included the links at the bottom of the page).  I hope you feel inspired to make a beautiful Easter table 🙂

How beautiful is this? I went the more traditional route this year which is very unlike me.  (I just really need to get some gold flatware because I don’t have any.) 

Charger plates really make your table. You can find them anywhere.  Even super cheap ones at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  I have some silver ones from Michaels that I use all the time…I think they were around $1.95 each.  These ones were a little pricier but I made the investment because I know I will use them quite often.  Unfortunately Pier 1 doesn’t have them on their website, but they do in stores!

I found these beautiful wicker charger plates that I just had to have.  Then decided on a spring floral pattern!  I mean…how cute is that little birds nest in the bowl?  Haha. Dying! (My mother is rolling her eyes right now.) 

I like to have place cards when I have guests over for dinner.  It takes the confusion and uncomfortableness out of the equation.  You know when everyone is standing around looking at each other like “um…should we go here? Or there? Okay you go here, I’ll go there.” Yeah no.  Not having it.  One time I went to a dinner party where I knew NO ONE except my husband. We went to sit down for dinner and I noticed I was not sitting next to Chase.  The host purposely placed the cards for people to sit next to someone they didn’t know so they could get to know them better.  I WAS PISSSSSSSSSED.  And the worst part was not the fact that I had to sit next to some random person.  It was that I was 6 months pregnant and couldn’t even have a drink because of the matter.  Pfff.  Alright I’m going off now.  But anyways, don’t try to be cool.  Just seat your people next to their people!  It’s the right thing to do!

Obviously calligraphy is not my forte here.  All I did was grab a brown paper bag out of my pantry, cut it into a small rectangle and wrote the names down with a black sharpie. Ta-da!  If you want to be fancy schmancy and print them out, go ahead.  I’m totally crazy like that too just didn’t feel like it.

Bringing out a little pop of color will add something fun to your table.  Notice how I matched the teal egg with the goblet?  Yeah, I’m good like that.  (High five.) So here we have a dinner plate, salad plate and soup bowl.  You can still make the arrangement beautiful with out a bowl.  I probably won’t even use it.  I just had to have it to put this little birds nest in.  Like I said before…I’m crazy like that.  
The lace detail is beautiful so I wanted to makes sure it was visible.  

There are many different ways you can fold a napkin.  Usually I go the easy route and stick it through a napkin ring and put it on top of the dinner or salad plate.  However because of the soup bowl I couldn’t lay it on top this time.

Here is another great way to do it if you are not able to put it on top of your plates:

Fold the napkin like so! 
Lay it flat on the dinner plate and fold underneath.  Then add the salad plate on top!
Love this look as well…just cannot see the beautiful lace.  For this table I decided just to place the napkin ring on the side.  
Round tray centerpiece with Easter accents and a colorful floral arrangement.  

Centerpieces don’t have to be complicated.  As I mentioned above, a simple floral display and some pretty candles usually do the trick.  If you are crafty naturally you have an upper hand here! I unfortunately am not.  So I typically buy flowers instead of trying to go the homemade route.  You can’t go wrong with floral.  Candles just add a warm element to your table.  I ALWAYS have candles.

Speaking of candles, how AMAZING are these bunny candlestick holders??? 
Another great candle option are these adorable little birds nest tea light holders!  



Get all of these looks below!

Napkin Rings


Diamond Cut Glassware

Botanical Garden Dinnerware

Speckled Egg Tealight Set

Bunny w/Carrot Salt & Pepper Shakers

Bunny Candlestick Holders

Speckled Egg Nest


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