Gone are the 1950’s housewives.

I remember way back when before I had kids, I used to judge other mothers.  I couldn’t understand why some stay at mom’s looked like they crawled out of a cave and wore a baseball cap everyday.  Why would they totally let themselves go?  Surely their husbands must be cheating on them I thought.  How hard could it be to dress decently and throw a little makeup on? Fast forward 4 years…I’m that mom.  The one I used to judge.  The one who looks like she crawled out of a cave.  And the one who’s house looks like a bomb went off.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.  Baseball caps are my best friend. All I can say is that you are ignorant to what you know nothing about.  And that statement holds true for everyone and everything.

Years ago my grandma (God rest her soul) said to me, “you know why all these men have affairs?  Because their wives look like shit everyday!”  NO JOKE.  I remember thinking, “well that would never be me.  I care too much about how I look.” She went on to say…”A man doesn’t want to come home to his wife looking like a train wreck after a long day at work.  Before your husband gets home from work, change your clothes, do your hair, put some lipstick and heels on!” Mind you this is coming from a woman who had 5 CHILDREN, 4 of which were boys.  I used to think she was right.  Before I had kids of course.  I do agree that it’s nice to get yourself together when you can.  It’s good for YOU too.  However she came from a totally different generation.  I just can’t imagine how someone could stay home with 5 children and have to time to keep a clean home, look good and cook a decent meal.  Hell I’m lucky if I make the bed and give my kids frozen nuggets for dinner! And I only have 2!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.49.14 AM.png
Gone are these days!!!

So anyways, I wanted to share my new obsession.  And my favorite comfy outfit for all ladies, especially mama’s who want to be cute and comfortable.  I’m actually wearing this while I write this post! Gone are the days of the June Cleaver dress.  Hello LuLaRoe!

My best friend Jaclyn has been raving about these new leggings for months.  I had never heard of them.  I’m not really a leggings person because I hate tight clothes.  Sure they look cute but are they super comfortable?  Not really.  And I’m all about comfort these days.  They are by LuLaRoe.  They have lots of fun patterns.  Some I am not crazy about.  But some are really, really cute.  They also have solids and a lot more clothes besides leggings.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.10.40 AM.png

Browse LuLaRoe Leggings Here!

Anyways, THEY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE THINGS I HAVE EVER WORN.  I’ve become obsessed with them.  I want to wear them everyday.  And I only have two pairs which I paid between $20-$25 for (cheap!).  This particular brand is about comfort for women of all shapes and sizes.  I can honestly tell you that you will never find leggings more comfortable than these. I could sleep in them.  They are sooooooo soft.  You have to find a young gal who sells them.  My girl is Ashley Adams.  Click on the link below to order yours from Ashley!

Click here to get you some LuLaRoe!

I pair my leggings with this top from Express.  They only have it in the color shown below online.  However in store I bought it in black as well.  I LOVE IT.  Covers your booty and is lightweight.  (I don’t care how nice your ass is, if you have leggings on…where a shirt that covers it!)

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.24.38 AM

Get the hoodie from EXPRESS here!

Hope everyone stays nice and comfy 🙂




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